What’s in your handbag?

The average woman carries more than 15 items in her bag. 

We are all different and therefore we all carry items that are essential to us at that time in our lives.

But what are we caring and how can it be more organised?

When we first get a handbag we always start off with the basic necessities.



-Lipstick or lip balm


And then we start to add.

-Hand cream


-Pen/ Pencil

-Note pad

-Feminine products

– Brush/ comb

then mints, make up, jewellery, power banks, charge cables, earphones, plasters, medicine for every possible issue and before you know it, your bag weighs 8 kg or more and it’s breaking your shoulder. 

If only we had Mary Poppins bag.

So what can we do about it?

Start by taking everything out of your bag and sorting it into piles.

  1. Throw rubbish away – Don’t store your old till slips, trash and used wrappers. 
  2. Keep it organised – store similar items like makeup into smaller bags or pouches.
  3. Scale down – You don’t need a 750ml bottle of lotion and a A5 notepad? Look for travel size items or ask places for samples.
  4. Pouches – Make use of the pouches in your bag. Store the items you don’t use frequently.
  5. Not everything – Try storing larger items in your car instead of you handbag.

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