September 2015




” The relaunch of the Via La Moda showroom has caused much excitement among those who know and love the brand.  

The business was founded in Johannesburg in 1989 by Hanspeter Winklmeyr.  He started working in his grandfather’s workshop as a young boy in Austria, making him a third generation master craftsman. He was also the youngest graduate at the Vienna School of Fashion, being admitted to the level of Master at the age of twenty. 

Hanspeter remains intricately involved in the process and personally designs and engineers each piece, working closely with the team of artisans who have all been taught by him personally.  Most of whom have been with him since the start of this journey and are still employed in the workshop today.

Every bag and accessory is hand-made according to the highest standards.  Organically tanned raw materials are used in order to preserve the natural characters of the skin.  The skins are sourced from only the best suppliers around the globe, and those who comply with the standards and regulations set in place to ensure ethical practice.

Via La Moda has associations with some brands for whom they manufacture bags specifically and a large portion of their pieces are also exported to markets across the globe.

The pieces that are available in the showroom fall under the Via La Moda and Via Veneta labels.  

Via La Moda bags and accessories are made of the finest ostrich, crocodile and exotic skins. The team consider it a privilege to be working with these precious materials drawn from respected creatures. The process to create the articles produced is a marriage of art and science. The designs of these bags and accessories are classic and these pieces will be treasured by their owners for a lifetime.

Via Veneta is a more affordable, fashionable range, without compromising on quality.  The same artisans, using the same processes, manufacture the bags and accessories in the same factory.  The materials used for these pieces include patent leather, calf and soft goats skin.

Due to the fact that the showroom us located in the same building as the factory, the offering changes all the time, and what is available today is not necessarily what will be available in a week or month’s time.

To contact the Via La Moda Showroom, contact 011 477 8008 or visit 19 Banfield Road, Industria North. Opening hours are Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm, Friday 8am – 4pmand Saturday 9am – 1pm.”

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