Handbag wearing techniques

What your bag holding technique says about YOU.

The Schlepper

You’ve got two, three, four ….five bags to worry about, so you’ve got a “whatever fits” strategy going on. “You’re fatigued, exhausted and in a rush.

The Arm Crook Hook 

Favourites of paparazzi chased celebs. This style just screams power. You are wearing the bag as if it’s a badge of honor. This position gives a sense of superiority.

The Hands Free

The girl who wears a hands free bag will willingly cover up her silhouette and outfit. It’s very useful and is generally seen on a young woman or a multi-tasker who needs her hands.

The Two-fer

Usually done with a coy smile and a leg cross, the two-handed two-fer clutch denotes a shy and modest person. If you find yourself doing this, it’s possibly because you’re in an uncomfortable situation.

The Baguette

A recent favorite of street style stars, the baguette is a scoop-up and on-the-go method. It’s not about the look of the bag, it’s more about what’s in it. This is used by very goal-oriented people.

The Third Arm Drape 

This move usually involves a bag with a long strap, but instead of crossing it over, you chose to wear it over your shoulder. Your bag is more likely to slip off of your shoulder from this position. People who wear their bags like this are generally easy going.

The Armpit Vice

Clutches are hard to hold, we know, but this move keeps your bag in place while leaving your hands free. There is a certain awkwardness to it, a lot of women who use this pose are using bags that don’t fit their shape.

The Briefcase

There’s a certain type of woman who chooses to forgo the shoulder strap for the top handle. She is in business mode. She is moving fast and her bag carries all that’s important. She is more focused on where she’s going than how she looks.
She’s a woman on a mission

The Thumb-To-Pit 

There’s a reason this move is associated with Carrie from Sex and the City. A lot of women in cosmopolitan cities do this. They are streetwise and want to keep their bag safe.

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