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Exotic Materials

Via la Moda has a strict policy of using quality materials, sourced from only the best suppliers around the globe, and those who comply with the standards and regulations set in place to ensure ethical practice. Via La Moda is proud of the longstanding relationships built over many years.

Every skin tells a story of its own, and the craftsmen use their experience and skill to best accentuate the patterns, textures and tones of these individual pieces of leather. The skins are perfectly cut according to the size and pattern that suit each one best, and then crafted and stitched using techniques that have been refined and mastered over the years.

The skins are highly valued, prized commodities – hence the ingrained philosophy that the ultimate respect be shown to the material throughout the process. Every part of material is used to ensure minimal wastage.

As the final step in a long process, Via La Moda sees itself as a custodian of these precious hides and made it their calling to do justice to the material by implementing best practice all around.

In the accomplished hands of the craftsmen, Via La Moda pieces become genuine pieces of art.

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