Adding red as a colour pop to your wardrobe

Adding red as a colour pop to your wardrobe

Many women steer clear of bright colours when it comes to their clothing and accessories. Neutrals are far more practical and generally comes out tops when a fashion decision is made. This pallet offers far more functionality and can easily be mixed and matched with other sensible, neutral pieces.

However, with a wardrobe mostly made up of neutrals, it is very easy to incorporate well-considered accessories that add a pop of colour. Via La Moda, manufacturers of quality leather handbags and accessories, recommends red as the obvious colour of choice – not only does it make a statement, it is also a surprisingly versatile colour.

Red is a warm and positive colour and represents passion, seduction and love. It is energizing and boosts confidence to those who are generally shy and reserved. In some Eastern cultures, it is also the colour of good luck.

It has the ability to transform an ordinary outfit into one that makes a statement and also speaks of confidence and elegance. A beautifully crafted red handbag adds as much value to a thought-through wardrobe as a black one would.

Perhaps it’s time to express yourself by flaunting a pop of red.

Bag from exclusive South African handbag manufacturer, Via La Moda.


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