Our Story

From a leather crafting heritage, the primary brand of Via La Moda was founded by Master Leather Craftsmen Hanspeter Winklmayr and Master of Cabinetry and design, Walter Hauser, in 1989.

Via La Moda’s combination of creative talent, eurocentric disciplines and authentic craftsmanship has resulted in a niche brand with a strong product focus. The luxury goods house manufactures products structured to suit varying segments of the market, pivoting on authentic craftsmanship.

The eponymous Via La Moda brand embodies the luxury elements of the product offering under the 1691 label.

The 1691 Collection is a tribute to the Winklmayr dynasty. It presents an offering of exotic leather articles split across categories ranging from large ladies handbags to essential business accessories.

Walter Hauser and Hanspeter Winklmayr