Via La Moda was founded in 1989 and proudly combines timeless skill and traditional European craftsmanship together with modern technology to produce some of the finest leather bags and accessories available.

Every bag and accessory is hand-made by highly skilled artisans who have been taught by third generation master craftsman and co-founder, Hanspeter Winklmayr, originally from Austria. Hanspeter is still intricately involved in the process and personally designs and engineers each item.

Every article is carefully crafted to the highest standards, using quality raw materials. Via La Moda handbags and accessories are timeless and classic and often one of a kind heirlooms.

Via Veneta is a range housed within the Via La Moda stable and is designed for those wanting to express their individual style. It is a more fashionable, yet stylish range without compromising on quality. The same artisans, using the same process manufacture the bags and accessories in the same workshop.

The pieces are revered and sought after due to the quality of the raw materials used and the quality workmanship.

Hanspeter Winklmayr